Benefits of a Building Access Control System

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From preventing theft, protecting residents and employees, to securing sensitive data, access control is vital for the safety of people, information, and assets.
Access control is not exactly a new field. Doors and keys were designed to restrict or allow access to a certain place, area, or building. It’s a valuable security technique that is used to regulate who or what can view, access, or use a given resource. But like all other things, access control has since evolved in tandem with the digital age to be smarter and more secure.
So, how do entrance access control and security monitoring work? And why is it so important for your business?

Improving Your Building’s Access Control System

A building access control system is a great way of controlling who can gain access to your building or a particular room or area.  As opposed to a traditional key system, physical control access keys like fobs and cards, passwords, codes, and biometric readings allow for the recording and monitoring of user access. Today's access control systems can be customized, allowing you to manage access to specific areas at specific times. In an optimal scenario, you should be able to manage access control across your entire building from a centralized hub. Here are three things to consider when looking at strengthening your building entrance access control.

  • The areas where the system is needed and when it will be used to gain access
  • The access levels of different people or groups of people will have
  • How the access control system integrates into any other security components, you already have in place

Keep in mind that access control and monitoring isn’t just about restricting access and securing people and assets. It’s also about convenience. You want to let the right people in at the right times and make it easy for them to access whatever they need.

What Are the Benefits of Access Control Systems?

Every property needs some form of access control. Here’s why:

1. A must-have for building security

Access control systems give you full control over who can access your building and when. As a result, they're quite effective at preventing and dissuading crimes such as burglaries, package theft, and vandalism, helping you keep your property, workers, or residents safer. Restricting access to a given area can help protect sensitive information or expensive equipment. What’s more, video access control and monitoring systems can capture footage of every entry event and create an audit trail to maximize security.

2. Reduced risk

Keys get lost all the time. With a digital access control system, lost or stolen entry cards can be instantly removed or modified from the system, thereby eliminating the security risk to the system. Replacing cards and FOBS are quicker and cheaper to replace. Not only is this more convenient for occupants but for staff as well since they don’t have to replace door locks or spend hours cutting and replacing keys.

3. Reduce fire risk

Access control systems can be used to allow first responders, such as firefighters, quick access to an area during a fire. Controlling access to a site also allows you to know exactly how many people there are in a designated space, which is crucial information in the event of an emergency. It can help confirm who needs to be accounted for, saving vital time in a fire or other emergency.

Moreover, access control systems can be designed to open all doors, including emergency exits, when a fire alarm or sprinklers have been triggered.

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