Protect Your Business: The Benefits of a Security System for Retailers

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Security systems can be an invaluable investment for retailers, helping their employees and premises stay safer and more secure. By choosing a provider that follows NFPA 731—the nonprofit National Fire Protection Association’s rules and standards covering every aspect of electronic premises security systems and their components—you can relax in the knowledge that your retail security system meets the highest standards.

Keep reading to learn how a retail security system can help your business

Serving as a Shoplifting Deterrent

Theft can have a big impact on your store’s bottom line, and the problem is only getting worse. Retail theft losses were up 19% in 2022, according to the 2023 National Retail Security Survey. The impact on your business could mean the difference between profitability and financial distress. Not only are shoplifters stealing more, they’re also becoming more organized and violent. If word gets out that your store is an easy mark that lacks a security system, your business could be targeted repeatedly. A retail security system armed with cameras can serve as a deterrent for shoplifters and help keep your employees safe.

Curbing Employee Theft

Although most employees are honest, some are not. Their unfiltered access to cash registers and stockrooms gives them a prime opportunity to steal, but if they know they’re being monitored by a retail security system, they’ll be less likely to steal cash or merchandise. And if they do steal, their crime will be recorded on camera.

Increasing Employee Security

Retail security systems with alarms, sensors, and cameras that detect intruders can deter violence against employees. Your employees can even have access to a panic button that immediately alerts the police or other emergency personnel. And in the unfortunate cases where violence does occur, cameras can provide valuable evidence to the police. 

Increasing Security Around the Clock

A security system can deter break-ins and vandalism, which can happen at your store at any hour of the day. When these events do occur, alerts allow for a real-time response. Fires, weather damage, and other disasters can also happen during the off-hours, and the sooner the problem is detected and help is dispatched, the better.

Providing Precise Data About Shopping Patterns

A security system that provides surveillance can allow you to glean valuable information about shoppers’ habits. Are your parking lot and store consistently busy at certain points in the day? Perhaps you could add more staffing during those times. Do shoppers tend to linger at your new display, or do they walk right by it? From that information, you could decide to try a new promotion or expand your existing one. 

Improving Customer Service

Your employees are more likely to deliver exemplary customer service if they know their actions are being recorded. In addition, a chime or other noise that alerts them when customers come into the store can help ensure your shoppers get help in a timely manner.

Offering Protection From Frivolous Lawsuits or Accusations

Your retail security system should provide video surveillance of all parts of your store to protect you and your business from frivolous lawsuits or accusations. A customer, for example, might falsely claim that they hurt themselves by falling on a slippery floor. Or a customer might lie and say that one of your employees pushed or otherwise assaulted them. In both cases, security footage can put the matter to rest.

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