An ounce of nitrogen prevention is worth a pound of corrosion cure

Corrosion prevention service for existing and new sprinkler systems

It may sound surprising, but modern sprinkler systems are built to corrode. Even though most sprinkler systems are made of materials that exceed code requirements and standards, the fundamentals remain: It's steel piping that’s exposed to corrosive oxygen. Corrosion is steel’s way of returning to its natural state, iron ore. Oxygen is its main vehicle for that return to its natural state, and unless you address this inherent trait, the life of your sprinkler system will be shorter (and more costly) than it needs to be.

That’s why we install ECS’s Fill and Purge Venting system, which purges a sprinkler system of corrosive oxygen and replaces it with nitrogen. This extends the life of sprinkler systems, saves money, hassle, and improves the performance of an otherwise untreated (and corroded) system.

Nitrogen systems are cheaper and more effective than:

  • Installing expensive copper or stainless steel sprinkler systems
  • Using non-code compliant plastics
  • Applying coatings that may plug sprinklers
  • Using ineffective and costly chemical inhibitors
  • Installing desiccant dryer systems

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untreated vs treated system

Untreated System vs. WPNI Treated System